Electrical And Electronics Engineering

The department has been functioning since the beginning of the college. The following laboratories are available.

DC Machines Lab
AC Machines Lab
Wiring and Winding Lab
Control of Electrical Machines Lab

DC Machines Lab:

This lab has a sufficient number of DC Shunt motor, Series motor, Compound motor, and DC series Generator, Shunt Generator, Compound Generator, all range DC voltmeter and Ammeters, to perform all the basic experiment related to the Electrical DC Machine. Also the lab is equipped with a 100 Amps Rectifier Unit.

AC Machines Laboratory:

This Lab has sufficient number of Single Phase and Three Phase induction motor, Single Phase and Three Phase Alternators, Synchronous motor, Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer, Transformer Oil Tester (BDV Test), all range AC voltmeter, Ammeter, Watt meters, Energy meters.

Control of Electrical machines Lab:

Automatic AC and DC motor control Circuit boards available in our Lab. Also the Lab is equipped with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to give industrial exposure to the students.

Wiring Lab:

In this lab students are individually trained for house wiring, AC Single Phase and three phase motor wiring and winding given through winding machines.

Special Instruments:

Power Factor meters, Phase sequence Indicator, Meggar, Earth Tester, Tachogenerator, Wheatstone Bridge used to locate the cable fault, Tong tester, Industrial Type Earth Fault Relay, Magnetic Amplifier, Synchroscope, Current Transformer and Potential Transformer.

Students have been motivated to extent their Technical and Communication Skills by various channels like EEE Association Meeting thrice a month and Aptitude test have been conducted twice a week.

For second year students we are arranging Inplant Training in various Industries. These jobs oriented Training Program will help in their Future.

During Tutorial hours we are counseling every student single handily. Every student can frankly discuss about their personnel problems to their tutors to get relief from the manual problems. The objectives of tutor hours are to create a stress free environment. Parents meeting association have been conducted for ever month.

Industrial Visits are arranged for every semester to improve the practical knowledge of the students.

Human Resources:

Our faculty members are constantly updating their knowledge to meet the growing demands of the student's community by attending and presenting national conferences and seminars

For the past 20 years, 80 percentages of the students of our department have secured admissions for pursuing higher studies with high percentage and most of the students have been placed in various industries with high scale through placement and training cell.

Our students are motivated to participate in extra curricular activities they won prizes in the state level Inter College Symposium. Our students are shined in sports also.

Till this time our department has produced about 90 percentages result in Board Examination.

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